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The vacuum lift has become a necessity for lifting insulated metal panels on the job site. Make your next job better with vacuum lifter rentals from APLS.

The Benefits of Vacuum Lifters.


Vacuum Lifters increase the ability to install more panels in less time.


Vacuum lifters do all the heavy lifting. You no longer need employees to manually lift the panels reducing the number of injuries that can occur during the build.


Vacuum lifters help increase productivity by minimizing the number of workers needed to install the panels, allowing the opportunity for another job to be running.

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Vacuum Lifter

Ease of Renting

Renting a vacuum lifter for your next job has never been easier. APLS manages the logistics of getting the equipment to your job site so you can focus on getting the job done right and on time.

Step 1

Let us know your job location and the time frame you'll need to keep the lift.

Step 2

Once the deposit is received, the vacuum lifter will be shipped to your job site.

Step 3

After the job is complete, we will schedule a date to pick up the vacuum lift.


Jobsite Proven.

Automatic Panel Lifting Systems worked like a charm. Our panels were a 4” thick foam insulated panel up to 47' long. Actual weight was around 450lbs per panel. “That's a Load!” With APLS we were able to average around 122' per day, and on our best day we got 175'. After the numbers were in we realized a 30% labor savings."

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