Increase Productivity with Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifers make your job site safer, more productive, and more efficient. Allowing you to focus on completing the job on time and maximizing your team members and profits.

How It Works

The panel lifters use a dual vacuum system that secures the pads to the materials. The pads, either 10″ round or 6″ x25″ rectangular, are placed on the insulated metal panels. Once you hit the seal button, the dual vacuum pumps kick on to suction out any air between the pads and material. The rubber skirt ensures an air-tight seal, preventing leakage if the material is rough or textured. Once all air has been removed, the load is ready to lift.

Lifter use eliminates the need to make attachment modifications to the material, such as clamps or drilling holes which can cause damage and delamination. They save time and money and enhance personal safety while minimizing the risk of damage to the panels. The vacuum lifter also speeds up a project’s completion time, allowing more opportunities to bid on other job sites.

Vacuum Lifter

Cladding Lifter

This is a dual circuit vacuum lifter that was specifically designed for the safe, efficient handling and installation of composite wall and roof panels. It features multi-position vacuum pads and an extendable pad frame to make it highly adaptable. The machine allows for a 90-degree manual tilt with hydraulic damping and automatic latching when desired. This allows the operators to transfer onsite material easily from a flat position to the upright position, or vice versa.

Series MTCL

Load Capacity 700lbs (320kg)

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Vacuum Lifter

Quadra-Tilt Lifter

The MRTA was constructed to help reduce the effort of tilting heavy loads between flat and upright positions. These lifters are ideal for handling materials during the manufacturing or installation process. The vacuum lift provides three different frame configurations and featured 90-degree tilt and continuous 360-degree rotation. These lifts deliver maximum versatility and range of motion in the shop or at the jobsite.

Series MRTA

Load Capacity 1200lbs (545kg)

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Long-Term Projects?

If your business regularly installs insulated metal panels, you may consider purchasing a vacuum lifter for your job sites. Learn more about our vacuum lifter sales.

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